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Inspirational Bucket Project

Hi everyone, I am asking for a favor from anyone willing to help...I am putting together some very cute recovery Inspirational Buckets (as I have named them) for people who go to facilities to recover from surgeries or serious illnesses...the place I am focusing on right now is the place i stayed after my amputation...Some people that go there have no one, might be scared of the future and worried about their healing process, etc.... I went out using donations I already received from friends and family, and used my own money for the items I want to include in these buckets...which are: shampoo, deodorant, hand sanitizer, little journals, a pen, comb or brush, calendar, little misc things that I am making and I am including a card telling them about my story for inspiration... Even if everyone on my friends list donated $1, I would have enough to do this for other facilities....I want to give back to my community and let others know that no matter what gets thrown their way, there is a positive side to it and there are people out there that care...
There are 2 ways you can help...One way is to hit the donate button to your left or you can stop at my store and any purchases made in the next 30 days will be donated to this project...Everything in my store is 50% off and ALL CU Clipart is 20% off! Plus if you donate or purchase $5 or more, you will receive a HUGE scrapbooking kit for free....The theme of the free kit is Nautical/Beach...I appreciate any help for this wonderful cause...((HUGS))
June 13, 2013

Resale Clipart Freebie

Here is a Resale Clipart Freebie for you all...Use anyway you wish, for anything....Even use it AS IS....!
Lots more Resale Clipart like this in my store, new ones will be added this weekend...These you can sell AS IS, or in a kit, printables, or even as freebies...and good thing is NO EXTRA LICENSE IS NEEDED TO RESELL MY CLIPART! Just look for them in my store with the cute resale bear button on the previews... I hope you enjoy....And remember, ALL purchases made this month over $5 will get the WHOLE KIT that you see in the slide show above....THANK YOU to everyone who has either donated or made purchases to support this awesome charity I am doing for others...Now  come back Saturday for the NEW HFD Challenge BUZZ and our Paris to New York Blog Train...ALL FREE!!!

*Here is a medical update*
I haven’t said anything to anyone about an issue I have been experiencing, only cause I hoped it was nothing….but as it turned out today after 3 hours of tests, that it is something, and could be serious….What’s new, right? I went to the eye doctor today and found out I do have a problem….. I knew my vision hasn’t been right lately, but I chalked it up to a prescription change, diabetes, etc….unfortunately its all of those reasons and more…I was diagnosed last year with a cataract in my right eye…..well that has gotten a little worse, but not bad enough to do surgery on yet either….so I wasn’t worried…until I had to do the eye test, where you cover one eye and read the letters, etc…..i covered my left eye, and read up until it got blurry,,,,lol…. But then I covered my right eye, and the weirdest thing happened….i could only see the last 2 letters on the lines that I could see, which was only the third line down….I couldn’t see the first 2 letters at all….ok, so I thought this was odd….it was all black…. So I looked at these little SQUARE red and green lights, they were clear as day through my right eye, but then when I looked at them with the left eye, you wouldn't believe what I saw…..i saw green and red, but all I saw was a finger nail shaped moon… square…. Then when I looked at the mirror with just my left eye, I saw a reflection from the back wall, but it looked like broken glass with shadows around the image… I started to freak out….
Come to find out after pictures and tests, I have a few possibilities going on….he saw something in the center of my eye….one, could be edema or fluid on the eye, or it could be hemorrhaging or it could be massive scar tissue from a major surgery I had done on it years back…. No matter which one it is, isn’t good….most would mean surgery…. He also found a cataract in the left eye as well…. Either way I am losing sight in my left eye….what next huh? Well I will find out more in the next week or so when all the tests come back….. so this is another reason, why I haven’t been able to do as much as I normally would, cause it is hard for me to see…..
God Bless!!!


Anisah said...

Thank you! I'm sorry you are facing eye issues. Hugs!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely freebie, and I'm hoping that your medical issue resolves in an easy way sooner rather than later.



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